Achieving ≤ 10% IS BCR-ABL* is associated with long-term survival in CML

Achievement of ≤ 10% International Scale (IS) BCR-ABL at 3 months is associated with overall survival (OS) at 8 years1

  • Patients with BCR-ABL transcript levels > 10% IS at 3 months had lower OS than those with ≤ 10% IS1

8-year OS according to 10% IS BCR-ABL at 3 months1

IS BCR-ABL at 3 Months 8 Year OS

*IS BCR-ABL refers to the ratio of BCR-ABL to ABL transcripts (or other internationally recognized control transcript) expressed and reported as a percentage of the International Scale.4

Monitor the Milestones Matters

Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RQ-PCR) is a highly sensitive means of measuring BCR-ABL levels2

  • BCR-ABL levels can be evaluated using peripheral blood with IS RQ-PCR3
  • IS RQ-PCR testing can help identify patients who have not reached the 3-month milestone and may require more frequent monitoring4
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